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Network Online and In Person

Context365 by Apex enables fund managers to reach new sources of investor capital and provides allocators with the ability to discover, analyze, and connect with fund managers across a variety of alternative investment categories..

Our mission is to enhance investment opportunities on our sophisticated digital platform by combining our technology with in-person meeting opportunities.

For Allocators For Fund Managers

Our pre-vetted alternative
investment network includes:

  • Family Offices

    Conduct due diligence prior to making an investment decision

  • Pensions

    Discover fund managers whose fund charters best fit the investment objectives

  • Endowments

    Identify investment opportunities for broad diversification and minimal risk

  • Foundations

    Vet multiple fund managers at once

  • Funds of Funds

    Identify investment opportunities for broad diversification and minimal risk

  • Hedge Funds

    Market yourself and produce qualified leads

  • Private Equity Funds

    Make connections with allocators whose mandates match your fund charters

  • Venture Capital / First Loss

    Efficiently manage your deal flow pipeline and book of business

  • Digital Assets

    Stay up to date with what’s happening in the market

  • Emerging Managers

    Market a specific fundraising initiative and make targeted connections

  • Prime Broker

    Market yourself and connect with hedge funds

  • Law Firms

    Generate leads for your investment management practice

  • Accounting & Admin

    Find investment advisors in need of your services

Our Approach

Context365 by Apex Streamlines Your Investment Connections


Increased productivity

Algorithmic matchmaking technology & real-time market Intelligence increases efficiency by approaching and pitching compatible investors, based upon your custom preferences.


Meaningful connections

Gain solid leads, cultivate tangible relationships, and build long-term connections.

Our proprietary matchmaking algorithm applies numerous factors across various client data points to prioritize firms to meet investment criteria. The end result leads to a more efficient and scalable capital raising process.


Improved transparency

Maximize your ROI with a one-stop shop for lead management and due diligence. As the Context365 by Apex community grows, so does the opportunity to utilize the platform to compare firms consistently across data points.

This approach means less time searching and vetting who to engage with and more time focusing on raising capital and understanding your counterparts.


Targeted relationship building

Our 1-on-1 conference format provides focused and efficient meetings.

The Context365 by Apex model both in person and via the platform focuses on pairing investors and funds.

Clients utilize the platform to perform due diligence and start their engagement process with new investors. The end goal and results are in-person meetings to finalize and execute deals.


One leading platform

Lead management, matchmaking, messaging, and video calls in one place.

The Context365 by Apex platform quickly narrows down who to engage with and allows users to connect, schedule and have virtual meetings all within one platform with a few clicks.

Our technology collects and saves this data, allowing users to track meetings and interactions with prospects over time.


Vetted quality leads

Connect with an exclusive community that includes top funds and investors.

The Context365 by Apex team qualifies all members of the community before they gain access to the platform by screening individual and company criteria.

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