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We deliver edge and real value to our clients by providing superior technology and data to maximize deal-making, networking, and long-term connections globally. We have evolved from Context Summits, the preeminent producer of events for the alternative investment industry, to a digital solution that allows alternative investment professionals to connect any time from anywhere with Context 365.

Context Summits Miami

Context Summits

Context Summits built an unsurpassed reputation as the world’s largest capital introduction conference. As the pioneer of the one-on-one summit format and the conference leader in the alternative asset management industry, Context Summits has focused on elevating the conference experience through an innovative format where targeted relationship building leads to unmatched results.

Context 365

In the modern digital world, we've taken our innovative format to the next level by developing enhanced technology that facilitates high-quality matchmaking and relationship building virtually, year-round. Context 365 now makes capital introduction simpler by providing capital allocators and fund managers with the tools to streamline their investment connections. Launching our new product in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we evolved unique features to support current market demands and beyond. Through our systematic approach, Context 365 attracts quality capital allocators and fund managers around the globe, making discovering connections, scheduling meetings, and tracking more efficient and productive.

Our Mission

At Context, we are dedicated to connecting professionals in the alternative investment industry by delivering superior digital solutions that enable members to achieve success in their investment searches. Our vision is to create global connectivity and economic opportunity for every individual in the alternative investment industry.

Constant Evolution

Delivering an innovative approach to capital introduction means continually adapting to dynamic conditions and actively pursuing market opportunities. In seeking to achieve this, we actively invest in technology and infrastructure, while bringing together diverse perspectives and approaches.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy sets the tone for our daily actions. Our logo, which represents 4 interconnected C’s, was developed to portray Context's commitment to connecting our clients through creative solutions.


Context is critical. To be actionable, knowledge must be understood in context. Good judgment relies on an assessment of the facts and insight into their significance to make effective decisions. At Context, we combine our in-depth knowledge with human-centered design principles to identify opportunities to improve our software so our clients can gain edge.


Connections create opportunities. Context’s software seeks to provide a platform for individuals to connect in the alternative investment ecosystem across borders and to illuminate hidden opportunities. This process helps teams using our software to refine their concepts for successful connections and investments.


Creativity drives thoughtful innovation. Individually and as a team, we are entrepreneurs and results-driven innovators. We have a history of inventing products and services that can materially improve our customers’ experience and results. Our clients benefit from our ability to see what lies on the horizon and act accordingly.


Commitment motivates us to perform. We practice open communication and continually reevaluate our products and services to ensure we are on track to achieve exceptional results. By systematically sharing intelligence, we increase the scope of our vision and help identify new opportunities that one person, one outlook, or one discipline alone could not have.

Meet our team

We are a team of innovators bringing the industry online through world-class digital solutions for capital introduction in the 21st century.

Alex Kelly

Account Manager

Alexis Muhly

Chief Technology Officer

Cliff Piontek

Director of Technology

Eric Noll

Chief Executive Officer

Hannah Holliday

Client Success Associate

Hassan Syed

Director of Engineering

Jacob Rogelberg

Director of Product

Jessica Florendo

Account Executive

Jillian Olita

Customer Success Associate

Kenneth Tsuji

Director of Data Science and Analytics

Kevin Schroeder

Director of Client Success

Martin Kelly

Managing Director, Sales

Max Calica

Sales Associate

Meredith Bergan

Investor Relations Associate

Michael Fuhrmeister

Application Developer

Samantha Bermudez

Director of Product Marketing

Steve Reichard

VP, Business Development

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