The Next Evolution of Capital Introduction

Eric Noll
November 12, 2020
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Context 365 is re-imagining capital raising for investors and fund managers in the alternative investment space—from the first meeting to closing deals.

When is the last time you received an unsolicited email from a fund trying to raise capital that you couldn't invest in because it doesn't fit your mandate?

How about the last time you followed up with an allocator three times and didn't receive a response?

For all the products and services out there, there lacks a cohesive end to end experience for raising capital.  Data is buried in spreadsheets, emails, hand-written notes, and other team members' heads. As for the data you do have, it is hard to make sense of and always falling out of date. Investment leads fall through the cracks, meetings are missed, bridges are burned, and time is wasted. Air travel, meals, hotels are expensive and now pose a health risk. Once you share your email address, it surfaces on another database opening you up to unsolicited outreach. The capital-raising process feels like trying to keep your head above water.

With our collective experience running Context Summits & Context Family Network, we are uniquely aware of the inefficiencies of capital raising. We've taken everything we have learned to date, and have developed the needed tool to answer the future of capital allocation — self-driving cap intro with Context 365.

Context 365 Dashboard

Self-driving Cap Intro

Our mission at Context has never faltered. We aim to create economic opportunity for every individual in the alternative investment community by providing connections, context, creativity, and commitment.

Context Summits was our first manifestation of our mission.

At first, at Context Summits, we always imagined that the one-on-one conference format was the thing — attendees meet at a beautiful hotel, strike great conversations, enjoy delicious food, and have back to back productive meetings. What we didn't expect was the flurry of requests from our clients to keep the meeting scheduler — our in-house software tool — opened after the summit so they could follow up, send messages, and set up additional meetings.

Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. – Ashleigh Brilliant

So here we are. We are taking your idea, developing purpose-built software for capital-raising, and working hard to make it a reality. How are we doing this? By actively investing in technology and infrastructure to provide you with superior products and services in the alternative investment industry.

Upgrading your outreach through algorithmic matchmaking

We are addressing this problem from multiple angles by creating a software product and service to support our clients through the fundraising process.

For capital allocators, our goal is to help narrow down the universe of alternative investments to a targeted list. Fresh data, fund materials, manager profiles, and our proprietary matchmaking algorithm support allocators in selecting which managers to pursue. Once determined, Context 365 provides tools to send messages, invite colleagues, and set up calls entirely on the platform—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Saved searches and alerts are an excellent way for allocators to continue receiving top matches when funds on the platform enter their defined mandates. Most importantly, we help allocators along this journey in a private and streamlined manner to help them find the right fund manager.

For fund managers, our goal is to help narrow down the universe of allocators to a targeted list. Our #1 goal is to help managers tell their stories—not just share the numbers. Once a fund adds Context 365 to their email distribution list, any fund data that's included will automatically update their performance numbers in Context 365. This saves time all around and gives allocators a current view into a fund given the market, bringing them one step closer to sending a meeting request. Additionally, we want to give managers a pulse on their fundraising efforts. Managers will be able to see if their messages were read, who viewed their profile, who downloaded their marketing materials, and track who to follow up with. Saved searches and alerts will give managers the peace of mind so they won't miss a potential investor on the platform who's actively searching for funds like theirs.

Context 365 Algorithmic Matchmaking

Today, we're pleased to announce Context 365 with select features:

  • Search engine with recommendations
  • Fund & Allocator profiles
  • Analytics & benchmark comparisons
  • Algorithmic matchmaking
  • Saved searches and alerts
  • Map view and roadshows
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Real-time messaging
  • Video calls

In the future, we plan to release:

  • Context Signal—proprietary data filters for Allocator and Context 365 Pro subscribers
  • CRM—to manage your lead pipeline, track conversations, collaborate with peers, share private documents, and move deals forward
  • Allocator to allocator peer groups—for connecting like-minded allocators with each other
  • Service provider directory & profiles
  • Exclusive content & events for our community

The Upshot

We're excited to launch Context 365 to help you raise & allocate capital faster and more effectively.

Plans & Demos

For fund managers, we're releasing two options: List Your Fund for Free, where managers can list their fund in our database at no cost and Context 365 Pro, a package that includes all of our features.

For capital allocators, Pro plans are complimentary.

If you're a fund manager, schedule a demo with our manager success team. If you're an allocator, schedule a demo with our investor relations team. For anything else, don't hesitate to reach out to us by completing the contact us form on our site.

Eric Noll

Eric Noll is responsible for overall management of Context Capital Partners and its various holdings, growth initiatives and strategic partnerships. With over two decades of experience in the financial services and financial technology space, Eric is a well-recognized industry expert on capital markets and has been twice named to the Institutional Investor Trading Technology list of Top 40 Executives in Financial Technology.

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