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  • What plans are there?

    There are two plan options for fund managers: List Your Fund as a Context365 Starter or Context365 Pro.

    The starter level is for managers who want to list their fund in our database and see if there's allocator interest. Context365 Pro is for fund managers who want to conduct outbound outreach to allocators they match with.

    There is one plan for allocators: Pro.

  • How does the Context365 Pro plan work?

    The Pro plan is for Fund Managers who are actively looking to use the Context365.  In addition to everything in the Starter plans, Fund Managers can actively search, discover, and send meeting requests to Capital Allocators they match with.

    The Pro plan for Allocators is for investors who are actively searching for funds

  • Can I switch plans any time?

    Yes, you can upgrade any time and your plan will be pro-rated. However, if you switch to a lower plan you will not receive a refund.

  • What payment methods do you take?

    We accept all major credit cards, ACH, wire, and check. Please note that credit cards are accepted with a 3% surcharge.

  • Are there any set-up fees?

    There are no set-up fees. Each plan comes with a custom onboarding tour with someone on our team to show you the ropes and answer any of your questions. We'll ensure that you get the most out of the Context365 platform.

  • What if I want to market more than 2 funds?

    If you want to market more than 2 funds, contact our sales team to discuss our Premium plan options.


  • How can I become a member on Context365?

    In most cases, Context takes steps to evaluate the status of investors before gaining access to Context365. Such steps may include one or more of the following: vetting calls, background research, receiving references, and manager feedback. Investor status is self-reported, but ultimately the fund managers assume all risks and responsibilities regarding the determination as to whether an investor meets a fund's eligibility requirements.

    Apply to join as an allocator →

  • Can every fund manager reach out to me?

    No, Context365 was designed with your privacy and busy schedule in mind. Our matchmaking algorithm dictates which managers and how often they can reach out to you. Only your top matches will be able to reach out based on a brief investment preferences questionnaire you complete during onboarding, and your matchmaking threshold. Additionally, you can turn off incoming requests altogether and reach out to fund managers at your own pace.

Fund Managers

  • How do I edit or add a fund?

    On the dashboard, you can view your active funds. Additionally, you can see if your return data is out of date and needs to be updated. To add another fund, click "+ Add New Fund."

  • I'm a new fund. What happens if I don't have returns?

    Add as much information as you can and choose a projected inception date. We’ll generate a narrative tear sheet for you and we’ll show performance metrics once you upload performance after the fund has launched.


  • What is matchmaking?

    Matchmaking is Context’s proprietary sorting and ranking algorithm for connecting managers and allocators. Currently, allocator preferences are used to compute how well a fund is a potential fit to meet with an allocator. On Context365, the score governs some interaction between allocators and managers to ensure that time is spent efficiently.

    In the future, matchmaking will incorporate history of user actions such as meetings, profile views, and searches to become more responsive to user needs.