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Results-driven technology to discover, analyze, and meet high-quality fund managers all in one platform.

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How it Works

By collecting extensive information from managers about their investment strategies, our algorithmic matchmaking technology uses qualified data to match you with relevant leads. We call it self-driving cap-intro.

Step 1

Apply To Join

Our team reviews individual and company details before granting them access to the platform. This ensures high-quality opportunities, privacy, and accurate data.

Step 2

Tell us about your Preferences

Complete an investor preferences form that tells us about your investment mandate. Your profile is then reviewed by our investor relations concierge and we begin providing you with your top strategy matches.

Step 3

Discover matched opportunities

Our matchmaking algorithm automatically surfaces funds that are matched to your investment goals. You can browse, filter, analyze, and send meeting requests.

Step 4


Once your meetings are confirmed, just open up the platform and join the call. Video or voice calls take place entirely on the platform via the web or your mobile device.

Upgrade your outreach

Context 365 hosts a diverse network of all the top funds in one platform. Leveraging a real-time data-driven approach, our algorithmic matchmaking technology matches you with relevant leads and allows you to connect from anywhere, any time. Cut through the noise and reach funds that are most likely fit your investment mandates. The more you search, filter, and take meetings, the better our algorithm matches you with managers who fit your portfolio needs.

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Stay in touch and in the loop.

Direct message and send meeting requests

Start conversations or keep relationships moving forward. Fund managers that you engage with can send attachments to share quantitative results and due diligence details before, during, and after meetings.

Meet virtually in one platform

Voice or video call with prospects from anywhere directly within the Context 365 meeting lobby. Leverage all-in-one connection capabilities to learn more about specific funds, have detailed discussions, or receive performance updates.

Schedule meetings

Our built-in calendar functionality allows for easy scheduling that works for both parties. Customize your availability within the platform to receive inbound meeting requests and synchronize your Context 365 meetings to your personal calendar.

Real-time access anywhere, anytime

Whether from your desktop or mobile device, you can voice call or video call with prospects from anywhere directly within Context 365. Download our app for your tablet or mobile device to connect from anywhere, at any time.


Leverage accurate, real-time market intelligence to focus on your pipeline.

Manage and track your activity

Context 365 allows you to efficiently compile your search results for quick and easy navigation. Easily compare strategies in a standardized format, through our advanced reporting technology.

Track performance records

Track current and historical performance records across a variety of strategies and asset classes, anytime you need it. Save time by “favoriting” funds that you want to consistently follow.

Notifications and Search Alerts

Customize your notifications and alerts within Context 365. Receive search alerts for new managers that fit your profile or search activity.

Customize your dashboard

Utilize the Context 365 dashboard to track fund performance and refer to individual profiles for a history of your outreach. Gain insights into allocators’ investment interests at the firm and individual level.

A secure and private platform

Manage your privacy and unsolicited outreach.

Manage your notifications

Set communication preferences to control inflow of messages and unsolicited outreach. Adjust how you are notified when an action is taken on your account or about activity updates.

Control your profile visibility

You decide whether your profile is visible in our searchable database. Browse profiles, analyze data, and conduct outreach privately and securely without having to be be visible on the platform.

Communicate Privately

Communicate with fund managers directly and privately within Context 365 without sharing contact details, such as your phone number or email address.

Why Context 365?

Context 365 is dedicated to connecting you with quality fund managers in the most efficient way possible. We believe that outstanding connections happen with a mix of high-quality data and algorithmic matchmaking. Our technology and team's combined expertise can help accelerate your productivity in investment searches or fund growth by giving you direct access to our alternative investment network, research, analytics, and reporting platform.

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