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Context365 Allocator Features

The Context365 comprehensive platform enables allocators to source, connect, monitor, rank, track, and save funds. Its sophisticated matching algorithm empowers users to filter and connect with a diverse network of talented managers that meet investment criteria.

For Allocators For Fund Managers

365: One-Stop Shop & Data Hub

Our centralized platform contains:

  • Statistical information
  • Standardized historical performance data
  • Diverse, outperforming managers
  • Private virtual meeting rooms, making it a one-stop shop.
Our discretionary platform allows allocators to issue mandates whilst maintaining anonymity and supports outreach to fund managers when ready for a meeting/introduction.


Key Attributes for Allocators:


Matchmaking score provides measured compatibility & efficient partnering with funds


Locate diverse fund strategies & vehicle types


Control profile visibility to managers


Alerts as new managers onboard that fit specific mandates


Meaningful connections with funds and allocator peers


Personalized preferences for notifications


Conversations & meetings archived in one place

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Standardized tear sheets and performance updates


Comprehensive platform to source, connect, & monitor

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Meet face to face virtually anytime


Complimentary access for qualified investors

Context365 Manager Features

Investors and funds successfully facilitate capital introduction at Context Summits, evidenced by the $46 billion in reported allocations that flowed to funds at Context365 events over the past 2 years. Now, with Context365’s online deal matchmaking platform, these powerful allocation opportunities can take place year round, in an instant, empowering investors to take control of their manager search.


Key Attributes for Fund Managers:


Algorithmic matchmaking between managers and funds


Automated tear sheets & performance updates


Virtual roadshows & due diligence meetings


Showcases strategy & funds, 365 days a year


Build meaningful connections with allocators


Receive notifications of investor interest


Meet directly with investors on one central platform

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Save time by tracking & archiving discussions in one location


Virtual face-to-face meetings anytime

Context365 Platform Offering


Context365 Mandates

Context365 Mandates allow fund allocators to discreetly submit and review investment mandates and reach out for introductions when ready.

  • Step by step guide for inputting anonymous mandates
  • Added filters help narrow your search, honing in on niche markets or specific asset management profiles.
  • Enhanced profile page that lists of all mandates for allocators to review


Enhanced Profiles

Customized templates to uncover new opportunities catering to private equity and venture capital firms. Added triggers and data points allow allocators to discover PE/VC opportunities that fit investment strategy

  • Refined searches and microdata provides an accurate matchmaking score.


Context365 Live

Allows for an array of meetings and events inside of the Context365 platform such as interactive roundtable discussions, live streams, and messaging powered by our platform

  • Customized options offer clear visibility of profile
  • Brings the community to life by hosting real-time roundtable discussions and virtual events.

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