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Allocator Trends Report Europe 2019

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Allocator Trends Report Europe 2018

As the bull market stretches into its second decade, Context finds our network of allocators remain optimistic and strongly committed to alternative investments. Consider the following highlights from our latest Context Allocator Trends Report:

• 67% of investors at Context Summits Europe 2019 said they felt “optimistic” or “very optimistic” about the alternative asset management industry, compared to 72% who said they felt the same way at Europe 2018

• 56% said they planned to increase their net positions in alternative investments by year-end, compared to 60% at Europe 2018

• 91% of allocators said they would either decrease or maintain their current cash position in 2019, compared to 87% who said the same at Europe 2018

Each of these three metrics has remained remarkably consistent in the years we have conducted our European survey, and the numbers compare similarly to data from our North America Allocator Trend Reports.
Beyond the central optimism of allocators toward the alternative investment landscape, this report also takes a deeper look at data supporting the following trends:

• Allocators’ Biggest Concerns – Geopolitical Risk and Market Volatility

• Allocators Prefer Emerging Managers

• Mainstream Interest in ESG/Impact Investing is Slowly Flowing to Alternative Investing

Given Context’s unique access to some of the world’s most active and engaged alternative investment audiences, our goal is to provide insight into investors’ sentiments for those looking to support their investment needs. We hope you enjoy this year’s Allocator Trends Report: Europe 2019.

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