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Allocator Trends Report North America 2020

Insights from 15,000+ global consumers and business buyers on a new era of customer engagement.

Allocators Fund Managers

Each year, the Allocator Trend Survey is conducted in late January with the results typically issued at the end of the first quarter. This year was no exception. The Allocator Trends Report North America 2020 was prepared for distribution as expected. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and we decided to issue an updated survey to track the changes in allocator sentiment and ask additional questions on the current alternatives investment industry environment. In just four short and dramatic months, there seemed to be a shift in the minds of allocators and new opinions resulting from the challenges
of the current investment environment:

    • Allocators are showing greater conviction
      in their sentiments towards hedge funds
    • Allocators’ approach to evaluating managers
      is evolving in reaction to the pandemic

Between January and May, allocators exhibited more conviction in their views towards hedge fund investments with the May survey indicating investors’ views increased in both the “Very Optimistic” and “Pessimistic” categories.

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